Provincial Standing Offers
Standing offers are created to facilitate the procurement of goods used on a recurring basis. Under a standing offer a supplier agrees to provide items in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement. In many cases, this is at a predetermined price or a discount off price.
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Federal (CCPI) Standing Offers
What is the Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative (CCPI)?

The Canadian Collaborative Procurement Initiative (CCPI) is a federal initiative that allows provinces and territories to use Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) procurement tools to procure goods and services. Saskatchewan has joined other provinces and territories in signing an agreement with PSPC to utilize the procurement tools.

What are the potential benefits of utilizing PSPC procurement tools?
  • Better value for money by leveraging joint buying power;
  • Supporting predominantly Canadian companies which may include Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • Potentially including socio-economic and green procurement options;
  • Streamlining procurements by reducing legal and administrative costs;
  • Highlight opportunity for Saskatchewan suppliers to access new markets; and
  • Sharing procurement expertise, best practices and business information about various commodities.

Who can participate in the CCPI?

Under the terms of the federal agreement, Treasury Board Crowns, Agencies and Executive Government may utilize CCPI standing offers where the Government of Saskatchewan has expressed interest.

Under the terms of the federal agreement, Saskatchewan Municipalities, Academia, Schools and Health organizations (MASH sector) cannot directly utilize CCPI standing offers where the Government of Saskatchewan has expressed interest. However, they may contact the Provincial CCPI Coordinator at for the awarded vendor contact information.

How do Saskatchewan Suppliers participate?

Public Services and Procurement Canada publishes a 3-year plan for CCPI that identifies National/Regional opportunities. New commodities are continually added as well as renewal of existing standing offers. Suppliers can visit to bid on CCPI competitions. Suppliers can register and receive notifications regarding the goods and services they are interested in at Follow Opportunities -
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