Bridge Removal and Replacement -- RMO2024BR2

The R.M. of Orkney No. 244 invites tenders for the removal of two timber bridges and the replacement of two arch culverts at the following locations:

Bridge #1: Township Road 270 west of SW 06-27-06-W2 and Bridge #2: Township Road 275 north of NE 28-27-04-W2.

Additional detailed information can be found on the attached document.

The Rural Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all Tenders and will not necessarily accept the lowest Tender. Tenders will be awarded pending funding approval.

Specifications and Tender Forms may be obtained from the office of Resource Management International Inc. located at #1 Wilton Energy Park, Lashburn, Saskatchewan. Phone: (306) 285-2435.

Tenders will be opened in public in the office of the undersigned at the hour of 2:15 P.M, local time, on Monday July 29, 2024. Each Tender must be on the forms provided and be accompanied by a certified cheque or alternatively, a bid bond in the amount of not less than “10 % of the Tender amount” valid for 60 days.

Contract Contact: Steven Gehlen, P. Eng  Resource Management International, Box 248 Lashburn, SK S0M 1H0 Phone: (306)-285-2435 Email:                                                               

Sealed Tenders Received By: R.M. of Orkney No. 244 137 George Ave  R.M. of Orkney No. 244, SK S3N 4K1 Phone: (306)-782-2333 Email:


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2024 Bridge Removal and Arch Culvert Installation Details
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