Hudson Bay Satellite Facility - New Building Construction -- 1009767

The building is approximately 1,476sq. ft. (137sq. m.) of office and 2,129sq. ft. (198sq. m.) of shop space.  The building is required to be serviced with electricity, fibre, SaskTel, septic, and gas. The building will include installation of roof mounted solar panels. Other related site work will include secured gravel compound, staff and visitor parking and required servicing, site surfacing, exterior lighting, site access, landscaping and other work detailed in the Technical Specifications and the Drawings. 

The proposed facility will be located on an owned 1.25-acre green field site within the Town of Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan. 

This RFP is available on MERX, and all amendments, addenda, clarifications, and further instructions will also be posted to MERX.

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Brent Blazic
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Hudson Bay Satellite Facility - New Building Construction
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