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This Request for Proposals (the “RFP”) is an invitation by SaskTel to established communications tower engineering vendors to submit proposals for the demand services.  The work defined within this RFP will satisfy SaskTel’s communication structure engineering requirements.  This can include but not be limited to the following: Communication structure analysis; Communication structure site audits; Modification drawing packages; Communication structure inspections; Communication structure fabrication and Erection drawing review; As-built drawings (red line PDF); Building rooftop structural analysis and construction drawings; Engineering for communication structure maintenance; Review and modification of specifications.  This RFP is open to established, reputable communication structure engineering consultants only.  Successful proposers will be issued demand work contracts and will be eligible to be issued work by SaskTel.  Work will be issued based on several factors including, but not limited to, pricing, availability, capacity to deliver, timely work, the ability to climb and inspect communication structures, eligibility to complete engineering work in Saskatchewan, work history, and previous experience with SaskTel.  Successful Proposer(s) to this RFP will be deemed third party engineering consultants and will not complete engineering work for any projects or collocations that will be bid on or completed by contractors working under the same company as the Engineer.  Successful Proposer(s) to this RFP will be deemed third party engineering consultants and will be working for SaskTel.  Confidential information will be shared with the successful Proposer(s) in the initiation and design stage of projects that cannot be shared with any contractors.  Note that there is a mandatory requirement for this competition.

Suppliers interested in participating in this opportunity must do so via SaskTel’s e-Sourcing tool with Ariba. REGISTERED SUPPLIERS must contact SaskTel to request access to the event by one of the following methods: (1) E-mail SaskTel at  (2) Provide legal company name and names of users (including e-mail) that exist in the Ariba account that specifically need to be invited to this opportunity.  SUPPLIERS NOT REGISTERED with SaskTel’s Ariba domain, must first complete the Self Registration process by clicking on the link provided below.  (1) Suppliers with an active Ariba Commerce Cloud account not previously registered with SaskTel, must ensure they login using their existing Ariba account ID to register with SaskTel as the first step in the registration process; click on this link (  (2) For assistance with the registration process, click on this link (

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