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The City of Estevan is undertaking a number of significant improvements to its downtown core in a bold, yet calculated, effort to bolster the area’s vitality and develop it as a hub for both commercial and social activity. External assistance is being sought in the development of design concepts that will both allow stakeholders to visualize and understand the intended outcome(s) of the planned additions/adjustments and enable a comprehensive public consultation process to be undertaken

The City is procuring the services of a consultant possessing skills and experience in urban planning and design with the intent of developing a downtown area conceptual design plan. Through the use of compelling visuals, the plan will present an overview of specific additions and upgrades that should be considered for the downtown area, along with a detailed indication of (and recommendations on) how and where such additions and upgrades should take place. Features for consideration include, but are not limited to:


Decorative lighting (string lights, street lamps, etc.)
Enhanced signage (i.e., blade signage)
Trees, planters and other greenery
Public/gathering spaces (promenade, amphitheater, etc.)
Interactive seating (i.e., musical swings)
Storefront and façade improvements/theming


The plan and its associated concept drawings will then act as the catalyst for a comprehensive public consultation on the matter. Such stakeholder engagement will both ensure alignment with any pertinent municipal policies and procedures and generate greater overall project buy-in from stakeholders — the latter allowing the initiative to more seamlessly be completed on time and on budget. The plan, along with the results of the public consultation carried out, will eventually provide the basis for a series of capital upgrades to be made within the downtown core, including the addition of the aforementioned items (among others).

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