Organic Waste Processing Facility -- COR5366

The City is looking for information regarding a processing facility for municipal organic waste.

The sole purpose is for the collection of information that will guide and provide options for the City regarding processing for a City-wide organics program.

The City of Regina has a goal of diverting 65% of residential waste from the landfill, and a curbside food & yard waste collection service is being considered as an option to move the City’s diversion rate towards the 65% target. From 2020-2021 the City is carrying out a pilot Food & Yard Waste Collection Service to 2800 residents with the goal of learning more about resident behavior and experience with this service. The pilot service includes trialing 3 different cart sizes (120 L, 240 L, 360 L) for the collection of co-mingled food and yard waste from single-family homes. The City will use the results of the pilot to develop an implementation plan for a city-wide food & yard waste service.

A full-scale processing facility capable of handling up to 19,600 tonnes of co-mingled food and yard waste will be required to meet the needs of a City-wide program. This would include approximately 5700 to 8600 tonnes of yard waste and approximately 7000 to 11,000 tonnes of food waste. At this time the program would be for single-family homes only, although the ability to scale to be able to include multi-family or IC&I waste streams is considered valuable. The City is interested in hearing from potential proponents about different solutions for organics waste processing and partnership options and opportunities.


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