Martensville Primary Health Clinical Space,Martensville ,SK -- 400301122

The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) is seeking to enter into a lease contract for the purposes of accommodating three (3) Nurse Practitioners and their supporting staff into existing medical clinics in the City of Martensville or alternatively into premises that could be fitted out as a Medical Clinic within the City of Martensville. Tenant renewal options to extend term are required, with the number and length of options to be determined through lease negotiations. SHA shall also be granted prior approval to offer sub-tenancy to any additional SHA health care partners at its sole discretion.


SHA has determined that approximately 4,200 square feet of rentable space is desired. SHA would consider leasing additional space if available. Spaces and sizes listed in the RFP document are approximate and the SHA is willing to consider existing conditions which may differ from the proposed.

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Saskatchewan Health Authority
Martensville Primary Health Clinical Space,Martensville ,SK
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