2020-01 Dust Control -- RFQ2020-02

RFQ 2020-02 Dust Control

The District of Katepwa (the “District) is looking for a contractor to supply and apply Magnesium Chloride on approximately five (5) kms of various roadways within District of Katepwa municipal limits in 2020. Bidders are to quote a price per Litre, with the understanding that the District reserves the right to request more or less of the product based on field conditions. The contractor shall be solely responsible for the supply of a water truck throughout the application process.

Supply and application of 30% Magnesium Chloride on roadways within District of Katepwa municipal limits, applied at a rate of (1.8 litres per square metre) on approximately 5 km roadways of varying widths.
Supply of all tools, equipment, staff and fuel.

Dust control program is expected to commence the May 11, 2020 (weather permitting) and be completed no later than May 15, 2020

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Gail E. Sloan
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2020-01 Dust Control
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