Narcotic Waste Disposal System -- SSO-PH-0037

Health Shared Services Saskatchewan (3sHealth) is a non-profit, governmental association of health agencies, established under the laws of Saskatchewan. 3sHealth’s members include Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, Saskatchewan’s independent hospitals and special care homes, as well as other various agencies and associations that provide health services, education and/or regulations.

3sHealth requires an agreement for the supply of a safe, effective and environmental sound disposal of narcotic and controlled pharmaceutical waste system.  Appropriate disposal processes need to consider patient, staff and community safety, environmental as well as provincial and federal regulations.  The purpose of this Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) is to signal 3sHealth’s intent to award a contract for these goods to Stryker Canada located in Waterdown, Ontario, L8B 1W2

Before awarding a contract, however, 3sHealth is providing other suppliers with the opportunity to demonstrate that they are capable of satisfying the requirements set out in this Notice, by submitting a statement of capabilities during the fifteen (15)-calendar day posting period.

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Narcotic Waste Disposal System
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