Emmons Creek Culvert Replacement -- RM486-01

The work will consist of the replacement of a damaged culvert with an open bottom arch culvert and the installation of erosion protection at an Emmons Creek road crossing in the RM of Moose Range No. 486. Rehabilitation of this site will include site specific requirements which may include: traffic control, care of water, site preparation, excavation of the existing road embankment, cast-in-place concrete footing installation, sourcing and hauling of common fill, embankment construction, deep corrugated steel pipe arch culver installation, channel armoring, grading, incorporation of traffic gravel, topsoil placement, erosion control installation, and grass seed. The work shall commence in 2022 and be substantially completed by October 31, 2022.

Site visit- Pre-Bid Meeting

A pre-bid meeting will be held August 11, 2022 at 11:00Am. It is recommended that all bidders attend to familiarize themselves with the working locations and conditions to execute the work. Bidders are to meet at the RM of Moose Range office located at 40 Railway Avenue in Carrot River, SK. Contact Blaise Wilson (blaise.wilson@wsp.com) to confirm your attendance and identify personnel that will be attending.

Bid Inquiries

All quetions pertaining to the administration of the bid should be sent via email to:
Bev Doerksen

All questions pertaining to the specifications and technical issues should be sent via email to:
Blaise Wilson


Ross Phillips


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Rural Municipality of Moose Range No. 486
Emmons Creek Culvert Replacement
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