CIC - ESG Framework 2022 -- CIC-ESGFramework

Crown Investments COrporation of Saskatchewan (CIC) is currently seeking to enrich Crown reporting on Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) practices and results. This is expected to involve the identification of an appropriate centralized framework, the process to implement this framework for each CIC Crown Corporation, and each CIC Crown Corporation’s reporting to this framework. The recommended framework and reporting structure should consider how to best ensure consistency across each Crown industry and across the CIC Crown Corporations themselves. Responses to this RFP must consider and encompass CIC and all of the CIC Crown Corporations.


CIC is also seeking advice on how it can implement this framework across all the CIC Crown Corporations, considering capacity, multi-year implementation and current sustainability reporting by some of the CIC Crown Corporations.

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CIC - ESG Framework 2022
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