1981 Oiler for Sale -- OXB-007

1981 Oiler                                                                                                         

208,840 km

The Town of Oxbow is offering a 1981 International Oiler for sale by tender. Features include:

-          Diesel Engine

-          Tank size: 44 x 64 x 144

-          Tank Capacity: 1150

This unit was pulled out of service in 2019. This vehicle comes as is. More information or pictures can be made available upon request to admin@oxbow.ca. Bids can be received:

-          in person at the Town of Oxbow Municipal Office located at 307 Main Street

-          by mail at PO Box 149, Oxbow, SK S0C 2B0; or

-          by email at admin@oxbow.ca.

Formal bids close September 24, 2021 at 12:00 PM.

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Lisa Pierce
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Town of Oxbow
PO Box 149
Oxbow, SK, Canada
S0C 2B0
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Town of Oxbow
1981 Oiler for Sale
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