Hashicorp Vault Secrets and Encryption Management Licenses -- ST22-1190001

This Request for Quote (RFQ) is an invitation for Authorized Resellers to submit a Quote for the supply of HCP Vault secrets and encryption management application licenses as further described in the specifications provided.

The Supply of licenses must be from an Authorized Reseller of Hashicorp Vault licenses.



Initially, SaskTel is seeking to purchase a reduced number of licenses for a lab environment, with the intention to purchase additional licenses as the project progresses to full implementation.  SaskTel anticipates starting with 1-2 licenses to perform set up in a lab environment, and once ready to proceed with a production implementation, additional licenses will be requested, up to an approximate total of each of the following:

  • 1 License – Vault Self-Managed Platform “Plus” Cluster.
  • 100 Licenses – Vault Self-Managed Single Data Center Clients.
  • 1 License – Vault Self-Managed Platform “Plus” Cluster Non-Production.
  • Applicable Vault Gold level Product Support for above licenses.

Please refer to the attached documents for further information and details on how to submit a response to this RFQ.

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Saskatchewan Telecommunications
Responses must be submitted via email to corporateserv.contracts@saskTel.com
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Hashicorp Vault Secrets and Encryption Management Licenses
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