Commercial Refrigerated Food Equipment Repair Services -- 24-314048-ITT

SIGA would like to obtain the services of a qualified and certified Journeyperson, to provide on-call/as needed, when requested, and emergency services for the refrigerated food equipment, located at Gold Horse Casino (GHC) in Lloydminster, SK. 

The Work shall include, but not limited to, the following elements:

  • On an as needed, when requested, and emergency repair services:
  • General refrigeration equipment: Inspection, testing, repair and preventative maintenance services (i.e. Checking and repairing of leaks; compressors, fans, belts, motors, and replacement of various refrigerated equipment parts.
  • Inspecting, cleaning, repairing and maintaining components. Repairs will be made in consultation with the Asset Protection Manager (APM).
  • Parts may be supplied through the service provider at cost plus, or by the casino Facilities Dept.
  • Remove and dispose old parts as required or necessary for the maintenance service.
  • Supply and install necessary new parts for the maintenance service to be coded CSA or UL Certified.
  • All Work must comply with all local, provincial, and Federal codes and requirements and must comply with applicable CSA standards.
  • Visual Inspections to ensure that function of all refrigeration related services remain within professional standards and identify poor operation, leaks, safety hazards, physical damage and general condition components.
  • Perform additional refrigeration related services as identified by GHC APM.
  • To provide the required materials and parts necessary to perform the work (unless provided by the casino’s Facilities Dept.).

Equipment may include, but not limited to:

Walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers (deli), refrigerators, ice makers, glass chillers, etc.

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Commercial Refrigerated Food Equipment Repair Services
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