P1H-N 138kV Line Maintenance -- 1014009

This Request for Proposals (the “RFP”) is an invitation by the Saskatchewan Power Corporation (“SaskPower”) to prospective proponents to submit proposals for the provision of the P1H-N 138kV Line Maintenance, as further described in the RFP Particulars (Appendix A) (the “ Work”).

SaskPower is a Saskatchewan Crown Corporation continued under The Power Corporation Act (Saskatchewan).  It is principally responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity for most of Saskatchewan.

This maintenance project is required to maintain acceptable reliability on the P1H-North 138kV transmission line which runs between the Hawarden station and the Pasqua station.  The total line length is 144km and contains 893 structures, however this project includes work between structure 15 and structure 444.  The primary scope of work includes replacing eighty-nine (89) D14 structures (legacy D5 series) with structure series D14-902, forty-one (41) structures requiring maintenance, five (5) structures requiring shield wire double deadend assembly (one of the five (5) structures that requires a double deadend assembly is also included in the forty-one (41) structures requiring maintenance), twelve (12) structures requiring the wood cross arm and cross braces to be replaced with steel cross arm and cross braces, as well as four (4) ground rod repairs.

This competition is available on MERX (https://www.merx4.merx.com/saskpower).
 All amendments, addenda, clarifications, and further instructions will also be posted on MERX.

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P1H-N 138kV Line Maintenance
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