Performance Benchmarking Project for the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation -- CIC-2020-01

Crown Investments Corporation (CIC) and its subsidiary Crown corporations use a balanced scorecard performance management system to establish, communicate, and report on key corporate performance measures.  Balanced scorecard measures are benchmarked to industry where possible.

CIC is seeking to complement the performance management work completed by Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (SaskGaming) by utilizing a consultant to benchmark key aspects of SaskGaming’s performance to relevant industry or non-industry peers, and to validate, identify, create, and/or modify current performance measures and targets to strengthen SaskGaming’s balanced scorecard.  

Proposals must be marked “RFP - Performance Benchmarking” and received no later than the Submission Deadline:

  • 2:00 p.m. (Saskatchewan Time), Aug 17, 2020

Proposals must be submitted via email with “RFP – Performance Benchmarking” as the subject line, in PDF format, to the RFP Contact:

  • Charlene Peterson, Executive Secretary
  • Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan

Inquiries related to the RFP may be directed via email to:

  • Derek Schneider, Analyst
  • Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan

The deadline for inquiries is 2:00 p.m. (Saskatchewan Time), Aug 10, 2020.

CIC and the Government of Saskatchewan will not incur any costs for any proposal or submission.  All costs related to proposals are solely the responsibility of the respondent. 


Competition Documents:
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