Skate Sharpening Services -- 37-24

The City of Prince Albert is seeking a Bidder to provide Skate Sharpening Services at the Kinsmen Arena during the months of September through to the end of the Arena season in March/April.  The bidder will have the flexibility to set their own hours within the facility operating hours and will be charged a monthly rate for the space.

The City of Prince Albert is requesting that proposals include an offer for the annual rent the Bidder is willing to pay in exchange for the space to provide skate sharpening services.  The rent can be broken into monthly installments.


The minimum offer the City of Prince Albert will accept is $1,400.00 annually.

Bidders shall provide the following:

Proposed hours of operation each year of the agreement;
Summary of services that will be provided;
Summary of items that will be sold; and
Detailed information about the skate sharpening equipment (include pictures).

Competition documents for this procurement can be downloaded at

All respondents must register on the City’s electronic bidding system at

Registration is free and will enable the respondent to download the solicitation document, ask questions, receive addenda, and submit their bid through the bidding system.

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