Potassium Feed System Equipment -- Copy-COSe22-0295

The City requires the pre-selection of a Vendor for the supply, installation assistance, functional testing, commissioning, and start-up of a Potassium Permanganate Feed System (KMnO4) complete with hopper assembly, dust filter assembly, feeder assembly, wetting cone/dissolver assembly, eductor, mix tank, storage tank, dosing skid, KMnO4 injection system, spare parts, instruments and internal interconnecting piping required for a complete functional KMnO4 system. The Vendor would provide on-site factory-certified technical support to provide training for the system operation. The PLC programming will be completed based on a control narrative provided by the Vendor. However, the KMnO4 system will use the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC components within the existing Ferric Control Panel at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), and all programming will be performed within the main WTP PLC by a System Integrator selected by the City.

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Submission Deadline:   2:00:59 p.m. Saskatchewan Time, Wednesday, August 3, 2022

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