Indigenous Languages Translation -- SPSA2022-29


The proponent will be required to translate SPSA existing documents from English to one or all the languages mentioned below, and the expectation is that original message and communication will be maintained. It is understood that contractors may not have the capacity or capability to translate all languages, which is acceptable. Multiple contracts may be awarded to translate material into each of the identified languages.

Translate seven fire safety and emergency preparedness documents from English into the following languages: Plains Cree, Woodland Cree (the dialect), Dene, Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, Nakawe, Saulteaux, and Michif.

The seven documents to be translated all together have a total word count of 1,454.

Review of SPSA’s final fire safety and emergency preparedness documents’ design files to ensure translation appropriately matches the imagery / content.
The successful proponent will provide editable and PDF the translated documents and must follow the original documents formatting as follows. The translations must follow the page format exactly as it is laid out in English. If something is bolded or italicized, the translation must be bolded or italicized. If there are bulleted messages, keep the translation in the bulleted message format.

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