Warehousing, Material Handling and Production Support Solutions -- RFSO23-04

The intent of this solicitation is to establish one or more contracts that include a comprehensive product offering with one or more suppliers that can accommodate a nationwide demand for Warehousing, Material Handling and Production Support Solutions and to fulfill obligations as nationwide suppliers to GPO Members as further specified herein.
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Only Proposals received on or before the Submission Deadline set out in the RFSO Timetable will be evaluated. 
Respondents are cautioned that the timing of their Proposal submission is based on when the Proposal is received, not when the Proposal is submitted by a Respondent.  Loading large documents may take significant time, depending on the size of the file(s) and your Internet connection speed. Respondents are advised to allocate sufficient time to upload documents and finalize their submissions prior to the Submission Deadline.

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Carl McDonald
Response Address
Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association
305 - 4741 Parliament Avenue
Regina, SK, Canada
S4W 0T9
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Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association
Warehousing, Material Handling and Production Support Solutions
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