Residuals Management, 2021 -- RM-07-20-21

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant is requesting quotations from contractors for the excavation and transfer of alum sludge from the southwest lagoon at  the  Plant  to  the  drying  bed.  Approximately 4,000 cubic meters of sludge is ready to be transferred.

For the sludge removed from the Lagoon area, payment shall be made on a lump sum basis for material disposed at the drying bed. It is the sole responsibility of the proponent to determine the quantity of material. prior to tender close, and to make their own estimate of sludge volume.

The sludge shall be removed from the Lagoon as soon as practicable after  the  tender  has been awarded.

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Gene Berezowski
(306) 694-1377
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Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation
PO Box 944
Moose Jaw, SK, Canada
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Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation
Residuals Management, 2021
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