Synagis® (Palivizumab) -- 7816

The supplier will provide Synagis® (Palivizumab) on an if and when requested basis, to the Ministry of Health, Acute and Emergency Services Branch at various (Saskatchewan Health Authority) locations throughout Saskatchewan.

No alternatives to Synagis® will be accepted.

No firm commitment of quantity can be given but the Ministry is estimating that approximately 1,800 units could be used during the course of this agreement. However, it should be noted that items identified may not necessarily be ordered. The supplier understands and acknowledges that the estimated usage specified is an estimate only, constituting an approximation made in good faith of the potential requirements. These estimates do not express or imply an obligation of the Government of Saskatchewan or the Ministry identified to accept or purchase any such items or goods whatsoever.

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Synagis® (Palivizumab)
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