Mohr's Beach Water System -- ITT-RM220-01-2023

The Hamlet of Mohr’s Beach maintains a distributed water system, see appendix A attached. This system distributes non-potable water from a pump house located near the beach into the community. Within the community, the water is distributed to residential properties. The system is approximately thirty (30) years old and aging. The Hamlet is seeking bids from proponents to do maintenance of the water lines within the community. This will include the deployment of new water distribution lines as well as connections to existing infrastructure. This infrastructure includes but is not limited to shut-off valves on residential properties as well as linkage to existing water spigots in the Hamlet. A site inspection by interested parties may be arranged in the development of their response to this ITT.

The system is seasonal in that distribution of water through the system starts in the spring (as frost leaves the ground) and is shut down in the fall (typically around Thanksgiving). The Hamlet is interested in updating all or part of the system with an updated system that is as close to possible to the original specifications. Please see the attached ITT for more information.

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Mohr's Beach Water System
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