Meewasin Indigenous Experiences Digital Platform -- 2020-Platform

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to invite Proponents to prepare and submit competitive Proposals for a digital technologies consultant who will develop an educational digital platform with an interactive map designed to engage visitors to the city of Saskatoon in authentic and interactive content, focused on First Nations and Métis stories within the Meewasin Valley. The digital platform is to be interconnected to physical signs, created by Meewasin and situated on the Meewasin Trail, allowing visitors to explore the locations, events, and the stories of the river valley by combining text, interactive maps and multimedia content that is publishable, shareable, and cross-promotional in nature. This process will include providing insights into current and future digital trends, working with the organization to determine the project needs, creating an immersive digital platform and interactive map, working with our partners to display content in accurate and interactive ways, work with content creators to display information in multiple languages (i.e., English, French, Cree, and Michif), and provide administration, which may require both short and long term adjustments and strategies.

Meewasin Valley Authority (hereinafter referred to as “Meewasin”) was incorporated under The Meewasin Valley Authority Act (SK) in 1979 as a non-profit corporation and is a registered charity pursuant to the Income Tax Act. Meewasin is a conservation agency for approximately 80 km of the South Saskatchewan River valley through the municipalities of Saskatoon and Corman Park. The Meewasin Board of Directors is made up of representatives of its three Participating Parties, the Government of Saskatchewan, University of Saskatchewan, and City of Saskatoon. Meewasin delivers programs in resource management, education about the local environment and history, and the development of public facilities in the Meewasin Valley.

In conjunction with funding provided by Western Economic Diversification Canadian Experiences Fund, Meewasin is working with First Nations and Métis partners in the region to bring their knowledge and ways of knowing to the Meewasin Valley through the Meewasin Indigenous Experiences Project. The goal of the project is to provide authentic and interactive educational content that will connect visitors to transformative Indigenous tourism experiences, the land represented within our river valley, and the stories of the people who lived/live here.

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