ExpressAddress Solution and Hosting Project -- 6734SXA

Scope of Work: To provide a turn-key solution able to replace the existing web-based application known as ExpressAddress. The vendor will be required to conduct user experience discovery, provide user experience strategy, design, and develop the application. In addition, it is required to account  for support, training, and potential hosting solutions with Canadian data centres.

ExpressAddress is a joint initiative launched in 2003 by Saskatchewan companies with the goal of delivering enhanced customer service to Saskatchewan residents. This is achieved by allowing individuals to connect, disconnect, transfer and update their address with multiple companies in one platform avoiding duplication of effort. 

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EOI SX6734 ExpressAddress Solution and Hosting Project
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Christie Butalid
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SaskEnergy Incorporated
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Regina, SK, Canada
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SaskEnergy Incorporated
ExpressAddress Solution and Hosting Project
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