Construction Administration - Grading CS 16-23 Geohazard – Borden Bridge -- HWY-220036-LFRFP

LFRFP 220036, CS 16-23 Geohazard – Borden Bridge 

Project Descriptions: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways has scheduled the construction of 3 rip-rap groynes on the north shore of the North Saskatchewan River near Borden in 2022.

This project must meet DFO requirements stated in Schedule A.

Category of Work: Construction Administration - Grading

Prequalified firms are invited to submit a long form proposal to provide engineering services for the above noted project. Prequalified Consultants being held in a probationary status at time of competition close, should reference the Professional Services Procurement Manual - PSPM 100-04 for additional information pertaining to their eligibility to participate in this competition. For questions regarding a Consultants status, contact the competition contact indicated in LFRFP 220036.

Competition Documents:
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Construction Administration - Grading CS 16-23 Geohazard – Borden Bridge
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