2020 Utility Replacement Project -- 2020-03-COH

Bids for the City of Humboldt, 2020 Utility Replacement project will be received through the Build Works Canada - Etegri Online Bidding System up to 03:00 pm local time on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. Bids submitted after the Online Bidding System closing time will not be accepted by the Online Bidding System. The time as indicated by the declining time clock on the Online Bidding System shall be the official time for closing.

The work consists of replacing approximately 700 m of existing water lines with new PVC water mains at specified locations at the City of Humboldt. The water pipe is to be installed as specified. Temporary water will be required for all properties impacted by the outage, including residential buildings. Water and Sewer services, within the water main construction limits, will need to be replaced from the water and sewer mains to the property line. Contract Documents will be available on the Build Works Canada website (http://buildworkscanada.com) on or after April 2, 2020. Bidders are required to check for any updated information and addenda issued before the closing date and time at the Build Works Canada website: http://buildworkscanada.com.

See the attached Inviation to Bid for more infomation.

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Marvin Loewen
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2020 Utility Replacement Project
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