RM333-2023-05 Fuel Tender -- RM333-2023-05

The Rural Municipality of Clayton No. 333 is accepting tenders for their 2024 to 2026 fuel requirements.  

Please quote a total price per liter, including taxes and delivery, of both clear diesel and regular gasoline as of December 11, 2023.  Excise Tax, PST, GST, Carbon Tax and other applicable charges must be separated out.  The estimated yearly required fuel is 85,000 litres of diesel and 7,500 litres of gas delivered to Hyas, Danbury and Swan Plain as per the bid form.  This is an estimate only and the Municipality does not guarantee the litres of fuel required in total or at each location.  The Municipality is willing to have the fuel tanks topped up when fuel trucks are in the area rather than requiring a special trip in order to avoid additional delivery charges.   

All tenders must be sealed and received in the Municipal Office in Hyas, Saskatchewan by December 11, 2023 at 2:00 pm local time.  Tender details are included in the Municipality’s Tender # RM333-2023-05 Fuel Tender Document and Bid Form.

Tenders will be opened and considered at the next regular meeting of council.

Dated this 1st day of December, 2023,


Tanya Papp
Rural Municipality of Clayton No. 333

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Tanya Papp
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RM333-2023-05 Fuel Tender
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