2021 Infrastructure Upgrades to Tender -- TOK05-2021

The Town of Kindersley is inviting submission from eligible Contractors for the 2021 Infrastructure Upgrades work within the Town of Kindersley municipal boundaries.

A summary of the upgrades includes the following:

ASPHALT Resurfacing / Reconstruction of the following areas:

  • Main Street Resurfacing – Railway to 7th Avenue
  • 5th Street West Reconstruction – 100 Block
  • 6th Street West Reconstruction – 100 Block
  • Resurface Tennis/Basketball Court 
  • Resurface the outdoor arena located by the West Central Events Centre 
  • Motherwell Walking Trail – Resurface existing Trail
  • Motherwell Walking Trail – Reconstruct a new leg of the trail with the addition of completion of west end and including various pathways leading north 
  • Reconstruct a portion of the Town Office Parking Lot 
  • Miscellaneous Asphalt Patching 


  • Sidewalk concrete reconstruction and/or new construction
  • Curb and gutter for 5th and 6th Street pavement (no sidewalk)
  • Sidewalk for new Railway Extension / Colton Drive
  • Miscellaneous concrete replacements

The Scope of Work includes any work that is necessary to complete the Work on the roads as outlined in the tender document. This includes but is not limited to the following:

A. Mobilization / Demobilization
B. Labour: all necessary labour and related costs including accommodations, and meals, etc.
C. All measures necessary for worker safety
D. All equipment and tools necessary to complete the Work
E. Materials: supply, hauling, preparation and application of all materials
F. Subgrade Preparation: shaping, scarifying, mixing, windrowing, watering,aerating/drying and compaction to 98% Standard Proctor Density
G. Compaction to specified density, including adding water or drying as necessary
H. Aphalt milling
I. Asphalt paving and resurfacing
J. Concrete sidewalk removal and installation
K. Curb and gutter removal and installation
L. Adjustment of Appurtenances: setting all manholes to grade and valves prior to placing the asphalt course. Adjustments shall be made by the  addition or removal of manhole or catch basin bricks or neck blocks and the adjustment of valve boxes by the addition of extensions if necessary.
M. Testing: the cost of required material testing is to be included in unit prices. Materials testing shall meet minimum testing requirements as per the Town of Kindersley Master Specifications
N. Site dust and erosion control
O. Hauling and disposal of excess material
P. Traffic Management
Q. Cleanup

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