Review of SPSA Computer Aided Dispatch Systems -- SPSA2022-020

Critical to the ongoing success of the delivery of services to the SPSA public safety clients are services provided through the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre (P-ECC).  The review, in this dynamic environment, remains on providing the best possible support to the public safety responders and meeting the needs of the public and other public safety stakeholders.


The scope of this review is intended to ensure the service delivery meets the required expectations of SPSA and the clients served in the most effective, efficient means possible.  The computer aided dispatch (CAD) system is an integral part of the call taking and dispatching services provided by any emergency communications centre.  The P-ECC currently utilizes two distinct, physically, and logically separated CAD systems.


A Hexagon CAD system is the primary CAD system of the P-ECC and provides service to the 911, Fire Dispatch and Enforcement POD.  This CAD system is owned and operated by the SPSA.
A Versaterm CAD system is used to service the PA Police call taking and dispatch POD.   This CAD system is owned and operated by the PA Police with the P-ECC using the functionality.


The review will focus on determining the operational and technical requirements of both CAD systems in servicing their current operational areas and providing recommendations and options for consolidation or reconfiguration of the CAD systems to best meet these requirements. 

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Tender Issue Date:  September 22, 2022

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