Street Resurfacing -- StreetR-2021

The Village of Climax is currently accepting Requests For Proposals for the resurfacing of two streets. The Municipality is looking for a cold mix resurfacing product that will be a hard, dust free, weather proof road surface.

Please submit proposals for the following streets:

Street #1 – 4th Avenue West – 278 meters in length and 20 meters wide.

Street #2 – 2nd Avenue beginning at 3rd Street West and finishing at 5th

Street West – 298 meters in length and 20 meters wide.

The project includes:

-Resurfacing the driving path which is approximately 15 meters wide;

-Preparing the existing street prior to resurfacing. The streets currently are gravel with some existing pavement in spots;

-Applying the product and performing all tasks required up to the completion of the road resurfacing, including packing;

-Gravel and/or Sand will be supplied;

-Contractor responsible for calling in all utility locates required prior to starting the project;

-Current copy of Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Number must be submitted with proposal;

-Contractor responsible for following all OH&S regulations and ensuring a safe workplace.

-All equipment must be supplied by the Contractor.


Please submit a proposal for each individual street as well as a proposal to complete the entire project (both streets). Also, please clearly indicate if there will be any discounts or other advantages available should the entire project be completed as opposed to only completing one street.  

This Request For Proposal can be cancelled or altered at any time. The lowest or any proposal not necessarily accepted. For more information, please contact the Municipal Office at 306-293-2128.

Please send proposals, by Friday, June 11, 2021, 5:00pm, to:


Village of Climax

Water Line Request For Proposal

Box 328

Climax, SK

S0N 0N0

Fax: 306-293-2702


Or drop off in person at the Municipal Office located at 120 Main Street, Climax, Sk

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