Round Lake (Sinfield) Dam Interim Repairs -- WSA-2023OE-0090

The scope of work is to provide contracting services to conduct repairs at the control structure to extend the life of the structure. The specific scope includes:
(a) Regrading and upgrading the riprap erosion protection at the existing outlet channel and emergency spillway;
(b) Raising the crest elevation and providing road gravel and riprap erosion protection at the existing dam;
(c) Providing new access road shoulder markers on either side of the existing emergency spillway;
(d) Replacing and upgrading portions of the existing control structure bridge deck and supports and providing new load and speed limit signage;
(e) Providing new wooden stoplogs downstream of the existing control structure stoplogs;
(f) Repairing a concrete spall on the existing control structure slab.

WSA is a Treasury Board Crown corporation within the meaning of The Crown Corporations Act, 1993 (Saskatchewan) that is governed by The Water Security Agency Act (Saskatchewan). WSA is responsible for water management in the Province of Saskatchewan, which includes managing the Province’s water supply, protecting water quality, ensuring safe drinking water and the treatment of wastewater, reducing flood and drought damage, protecting aquatic habitat, and managing 72 dams and related supply channels.

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Lee Peters, M.Eng., P.Eng., PMP
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Round Lake (Sinfield) Dam Interim Repairs
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