Replace Building HVAC and Controls -- RFP-SCIH-2021-01

Southeast College is asking for proposals to replace the existing HVAC system and controls at our Campus located at 708 Otterloo Street, Indian Head, Saskatchewan with an efficient and right sized system.

Note: All questions and other correspondence for this competition should be emailed to with the title of Indian Head in the subject matter line.  

The Campus located at 708 Otterloo Street, Indian Head, Saskatchewan consist of 3912 square feet of office and classroom, 1680 square feet of attached workshop space, 1680 square feet of second floor space and approx 500 square feet of basement space. This building was built in 1912 and has undergone numerous renovations in its life time.

Your proposal can include re-using some existing infrastructure such as the two existing boilers if there is evidence provided that they will be refurbished to current standards and supported under a warranty of no less than two years with parts and service available for no less than ten years.

All temperature controls will have the capability of control from both a remote center as well as locally.

Your proposal should include all civil work if required including surveys, line locates, concrete, installation of gas and electrical lines if needed, appropriate fencing, draining and decommissioning and removal of material as required and as practical to do so.

The successful contractor will be responsible for all permits and costs associated in obtaining them.

The successful contractor will be required to provide a reasonable time line for completion of the project and will be expected to adhere to that schedule.  Any exceptions to the completion schedule must be documented and agreed upon by both parties in writing.

December 14th will be set aside for all interested parties to attend the site and do their walkthroughs and inspections.  There will be a Southeast College Facilities representative on site from 09:00am to 16:00pm to answer any questions you may have.  If there is a weather disruption the alternate day will be December 17th.

The closing date for questions will be January 12th, 2022


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