EMS Ambulance Service for Goodsoil & Pierceland Saskatchewan -- 400062422

Saskatchewan Health Authority requires a Basic Life Support ambulance service to operate in an area of North West Saskatchewan for residents in the Goodsoil, Pierceland, Big Island First Nation, Mudie Lake First Nation and surrounding areas.  A Basic Life Support service is defined as an emergency medical service that provides a basic level of medical care to ill or injured patients in the pre-hospital setting using a variety of clinical care protocols, procedures and guidelines to provide treatments.

Ambulance services in this area as formerly operated by Cold Lake Ambulance Society. The service would also provide Community Paramedicine services as agreed upon with the SHA. The service is required on September 1, 2022 or as soon as able following.


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Jim Kozowy
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EMS Ambulance Service for Goodsoil & Pierceland Saskatchewan
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