Bouncing Back from COVID Marketing Campaign -- CSMarketingRFP2022

Creative Saskatchewan, SK Arts, SaskCulture and the Government of Saskatchewan are hoping to mount a marketing campaign to encourage people to return to cultural activity – to come back to the theatres, festivals, museums/galleries and performances that were so much part of our pre-pandemic lives – to buy the products of local creative professionals and artists – and to engage in new cultural experiences, including music, dance, crafting, and traditional lessons and opportunities offered by the many cultural groups that exist to enrich our lives and communities

The program partners are seeking an experienced marketing firm to assume responsibility for the campaign.

The program partners are looking for a marketing firm to assume full control over the campaign, working in conjunction with, but with minimal supervision from, SaskCulture or the program partners.

Specifically, the marketing firm will:

Conduct research, possibly including focus groups or other types of community engagement, with members of the general public and from the arts and culture community, as a basis for determining the best campaign message and timing.
Develop the campaign, including the final messages, visual look and any artwork, and dissemination plan, which could include some form of public participation for the campaign.
Oversee implementation of the campaign, including selection of and purchase of any media placements.
Evaluate the reach and effectiveness of the campaign for reporting back to the program partners.

In all of these tasks, the marketing firm will work with the support of, and under the direction of, program partners through the firm’s direct relationship with SaskCulture.

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Bouncing Back from COVID Marketing Campaign
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