H Hardcastle School - IA Renovation -- NWSD2020-05

Northwest School Division is soliciting bids for the renovation of the Industrial Arts Shop in H. Hardscastle School, Edam SK. The general scope of the work is updating the mechanical ventilation system in the IA Shop. NWSD will be undertaking the general construction and electrical work as outlined in the attached documents. The Contractor is responsible for the demolition of existing mechanical systems and the construction of new mechanical systems, as well as the placement and connection of the shop equipment including the delineation markings. The work includes the supply of all labour and materials to do the mechanical work and complete the project. 

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Bobby Tough
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Northwest School Division #203
Box 280 318 Railway Avenue
Turtleford, SK, Canada
S0M 2Y0
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Northwest School Division No. 203
H Hardcastle School - IA Renovation
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