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TransGas Limited operates approximately 19 high-pressure natural gas salt storage caverns in six locations within the Province of Saskatchewan, and up to an additional 100 natural gas field storage wells.  TransGas Storage Engineering is responsible for managing a group of engineers who work on capital and expense projects to manage these assets according to industry best practices and within regulatory requirements.  Storage Engineering utilizes contract engineers to supplement and support in-house resources in periods of high workload.

TransGas’ Storage Engineering Unit is seeking the services of up to two (2) contract engineering resources that will be assigned to our SaskEnergy Head Office in Regina, Saskatchewan to perform the following primary functions:

Upgrading and cataloguing TransGas’ historical storage wellfile records;

Provide resourcing and support to capital projects, including but not limited to wellbore maintenance and/or abandonment according to annual Storage Integrity Management plan.

The successful candidate will also complete consulting tasks common to all SaskEnergy/TransGas Storage Projects including, but not limited to, weekly status reports and time reporting. 



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Christie Butalid
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