Kinesiology Admin Furniture Renovation -- RFT42594-05-20

The University of Regina, Supply Management is requesting proposal for the Faculty of Kinesiology Admin Office Renovation Furniture Plan #718104 for design layout, specifications examples and the required quantities and corresponding furniture descriptions.

PLEASE NOTE:   COVID-19 has necessitated significant changes to the University and our Facilities Management and Occupational Health & Safety departments are working on the procedures and processes needed to start to safely bring contractors/installers back to campus.  This could be another week or two before we see this process.  However this time frame is only an estimate and may change as conditions continue to evolve.

The sealed Proposal, signed by the Vendors authorized representative, must be received by e-mail only, no later than 2:00PM CST April 21, 2020 and marked RFP # 42594-05-20: “Kinesiology Admin Office  Furniture Renovation, University of Regina”.  Proposals received after the deadline date and time will not be considered.

This procurement is subject to the MASH Procurement Agreement, Annex 502.4 to the Agreement on Internal Trade and the New West Partnership Agreement.


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Kinesiology Admin Furniture Renovation
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