Grid 771-Asphalt EPS Surfacing -- Grid771

Sealed Tenders will be received by the Reeve until 11:00 am C.S.T. on February 15, 2019 for the surfacing structure of 16 kms on Grid 771. Volume of Asphalt Concrete In Place is 22,000 tonne.  This will be a closed tender process by the Municipality.

The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.  Each tender amount must be accompanied by a certified cheque or bid bond made out to the Muncipality in the amount of 5% of the tender amount.

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 Feb 15, 2019 12:01 PM CST
 Feb 04, 2019 02:30 PM CST
 Feb 15, 2019 12:00 PM CST
Kim Adams
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Rural Municipality of Progress No. 351
Box 460
Luseland, SK, Canada
S0L 2A0
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Rural Municipality of Progress No. 351
Grid 771-Asphalt EPS Surfacing
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