Advance Contract Award Notice-GCHEM Stray Gas Monitoring Services -- SX6745

SaskEnergy Incorporated (SaskEnergy) intends to enter into a contract with GCHEM Limited of Lloydminster Alberta as required on the basis that they are the only supplier able to collect, test, analyze and interpret in site and migrating natural gasses at storage field or cavern wells for the purpose identification of migrating gas sources.


Scope of work: 

The following requirements are considered a must have:

1. must have crews trained in oilfield operations with applicable industry safety training and underground line locating certification

2. must have  field portable soil auger units to aid in site stray gas assessments, representative soil vapour collection, identification of soil contamination and installation of short and long term stray gas monitoring systems

3. must have gas flow rate , pressure and temperature testing equipment, representative sample collection equipment and competent sample containers (sweet and sour gas) for surface casing vent flow and gas leakage in soils outside casing.

4. must have in-house analytical facilities capable of performing high resolution chemical and stable carbon (d13C) and hydrogen (dD) isotopic measurements in low ppm detection thresholds

5. must have in-house staff of trained professionals capable of interpreting results of laboratory analysis and produce timely reporting on interpreted results.  Rush processing of results in a time period of less than 5 business days may be required.

6. must have extensive database of gas samples in the province of Saskatchewan required to compare gas samples collected against in order to determine the source of the migrating gas.

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Advance Contract Award Notice-GCHEM Stray Gas Monitoring Services
Advanced Contract Award Notice
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