Surfacing Design: CS 32-02 -- HWY-210004-SFRFP

SFRFP 210004, CS 32-02 Surfacing Design

Project Description: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways (Ministry) is planning construction on Highway No. 32 from 0.56 km east of the Village of Success main access to 10.1 km west in 2022. Design engineering services are required for this section of Highway No. 32 that includes a drainage assessment, surfacing design and tender package preparation.

Category of Work:  Design Surfacing

Only firms that are prequalified with SK Ministry of Highways (MoH) in the specific category referenced, are eligible to respond to this SFRFP. Proponents who are not prequalified with MoH, or proponents that are not prequalified in the specific category referenced in this advertisement -  are not eligible to respond to this SFRFP. Any submissions from proponents who are not prequalified – will not be accepted or evaluated.


All inquiries regarding this SFRFP shall be directed to SPS Consultants mailbox address before 2:00 PM Saskatchewan time on February 17, 2021.

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Surfacing Design: CS 32-02
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