Repair Bricks on Cemetery Gate Pillars -- 2021-2QuAppelle


1. Invitation to Respondents

This Request for Quotations (the “RFQ”) is an invitation by the Town of Qu’Appelle (the “Town”) to prospective respondents to submit non-binding quotations to repair bricks on Cemetery Gate Pillars.

The Town of Qu’Appelle would like to contract masonry work which includes the repair of the bricks on the Cemetery gate pillars.



2. Submission Deadline

To receive consideration, responses to this RFQ must be received no later than  
4:00 p.m. Qu’Appelle time on January 14, 2022.

1 Copy to be emailed to:

Town of Qu’Appelle   

Attention:  Ronda Heisler, Chief Administrative Officer

Late proposals will not be considered. There will not be a public opening. 


Prior to the submission deadline, the Town of Qu’Appelle may amend or clarify the RFQ in the case of any discrepancies or omissions.  Any changes will be posted to SaskTenders as a formal written addendum.  In the event the Town of Qu’Appelle revises the RFQ after the closing date, Proponents will then have an opportunity to refine, submit or resubmit their proposals.


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Repair Bricks on Cemetery Gate Pillars
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