Distribution System Upgrades - Process Mechanical -- 21-1972

Tenders shall be for the provision of major upgrades to the Village of Vanguard distribution system. The upgrades include two distribution pumps, an emergency pump with a flow meters, valves and pipes.

Main components of the Work include:

Supply and installation of two (2) distribution pumps.

Supply and installation of one (1) emergency pump.

Supply variable frequency drive capable of running 20 hp, on 230V, three phase. Installation by electrical.
Supply and installation of three (three) flow meters as shown in the drawings.
Supply and installation of a pressure transducer level for the treated water reservoir.
Supply and installation of pressure reducing valve.
Supply and installation of pipe, fittings and valves for all connections required.
Supply and installation of reaction blocks as shown in the drawings.
Demolition and removal of existing reaction concrete blocks, piping, fittings and pumps.
Provide temporary pump and connections to maintain the distribution system in operation during installations.
Disinfection of newly installed pipe and fittings.
Pressure and leakage testing for piping, valves, services and appurtenances.
System commissioning and the provision of record drawings and operation and maintenance manuals
Miscellaneous site work.


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Distribution System Upgrades - Process Mechanical
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