To Supply and Deliver Cellular Data Modems -- TX6403

TransGas is seeking a multi-year contract for the supply of cellular data modems with dual band LTE and HSPA capability.

Low power, low temperature certified cellular modems are required for remote solar powered telemetry installations. High-speed 4G modems may be required for connectivity to multiple remote terminal units in locations with electrical service.

SaskEnergy/TransGas is committed to the promotion of the industrial and economic growth of the NWPTA region.  SaskEnergy/TransGas may choose to only accept bids from NWPTA region suppliers or give preference to bidders who are NWPTA region suppliers.  SaskEnergy/TransGas has the sole, absolute and final discretion and authority to determine whether a bidder is a NWPTA region supplier.

This EOI and any resulting RFP is expected to pertain to and enable SaskEnergy/TransGas to conduct its mandated business and ability to deliver for resale, natural gas services to SaskEnergy customers, and therefore be exempt from the application of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement and the Canada-EU Trade Agreement.

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Brent Hales
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SaskEnergy Incorporated
To Supply and Deliver Cellular Data Modems
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