Engineering Services Road Construction -- RM65-2020-01

The Rural Municipality of Tecumseh No. 65 is requesting quotes for engineering and consulting services for the 2020-21 RIRG Stimulus Funded Project to clay cap 9 Miles of road on TWP RD 70 from Highway 47 to RGE RD 2100.  Through this request the RM of Tecumseh No. 65 seeks to:

Select the successful proponent

Determine the fee structure for the engineering and consulting services to be provided  for the entire project

The successful proponent will be required to follow the design requirements of the RIRG (See Attached) provide cost estimates for all materials, proposed locations of build materials and borrow pits, attain all required permits, agreements, and locates as necessary, (this list of requirements is not exhaustive but is to serve as an example of expectation)

The commencement date of the contract will be determined at a later date and shall remain in effect until completion of the project is to the satisfaction of all parties involved.  

This project is required to be completed by December 31, 2021 for funding to be received. 




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Competition Documents:
RIRG Road Design Requirments/Public Procurment/Eligible Costs
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Engineering Services Road Construction
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