Leasing of a Canadiar/DeHavilland 215T/415 Synthetic Simulator or Training Device -- SPSA2022-27

The Agency requires training for flight crew members through in person aircraft technical training of the Canadair CL-215T, and through the use of a flight training device or flight simulator of the same aircraft, and the associated services.

Training shall be scheduled between the months of January and April inclusive depending on the schedule and availability of both parties.

The training shall be in accordance with the manufacturer's Aircraft Flight Manual, their Emergency Checklists, and the Agency’s Standard Operating Procedures.Training in the Flight Training Device shall focus on emergency procedures and Instrument Flight Rules procedures.

Considerations for the services to be provided would be:

To lease the flight training device with an instructor/operator;
To lease the flight training device without an instructor/operator (may provide operational training to an Agency provided instructor/operator); or
To provide one of the above options in addition to CL-215T recurrent theoretical and technical aircraft training by a provided instructor.

Where instructors are provided, a training and performance summary shall be provided by the instructor for each candidate upon completion of the training.

The flight training device shall be leased for an average of six (6) hours per candidate annually.

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Leasing of a Canadiar/DeHavilland 215T/415 Synthetic Simulator or Training Device
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