2024 Roadway Reconstruction -- Warman2024-04

The City of Warman maintains 193 lane-km of paved roadways of varying age and class (Arterial, Collector and Locals). Timely treatment is important to extend the life of pavement. The majority of roadways have concrete curb and gutters and rear back lanes.  There is also an extensive storm sewer system.  This reconstruction project is one of the treatments in our renewal strategy to deliver value to the citizens of Warman.  These roadways have structural capacity issues and are at the end of their lives.

The reconstruction of residential paved roadways at two locations and half a parking lot.  Total project area of approximately 3,650 square metres.  Excavation and removal of the existing structure and the supply and placement of a new granular structure with a drainage layer.  Paving with Type 2 and Type 9 Hot Mix Asphalt

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2024 Roadway Reconstruction
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