WE Well-Being Program -- HEA2020-1


The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education intend to contract with WE Charity on the basis that they are the only supplier able to provide the WE Well-being program that meets the two Ministries requirements for this procurement, as described below.

Invitation to Respond

The Ministries of Health and Education have determined that no other supplier will be considered for this project, the Ministries intend to proceed to award the contract and no further procurement process will be undertaken.


Without limiting the generality of the above statement, the Ministries reserve the right, in their sole discretion at any time and for any reason, to:

a) reject or accept any and all responses to this ACAN; and

b) cancel this ACAN process at any time for any reason (with or without commencing a new process in its place).


Use of Information Submitted

This Notice is for notification purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation for bids, quotes, or proposals.




Contract Details

Total Duration: One-year pilot, with upon demonstration of positive outcomes and use by the education sector, an extension could be considered dependent on the availability of appropriation.

Total Anticipated Price:  Approximately $260,000 one-time

Scope of work:

For this one year pilot, the WE well-being programming will be available to students across Saskatchewan. The program is intended to build capacity of educators to implement well-being principles into their daily classes and subsequently embed wellness into the daily lives and actions of young people both inside and outside the classroom through the use of the educational tools and resources. At the end of year one of the program, students will have focused on developing a culture of safety and caring in their schools and community with the intention to translate into greater well-being for all children. The WE Well-being program is a teacher friendly resource that is an example of effective classroom practice.

The WE Well-Being program consists of a set of 12 lessons as follows:

  • A foundational module (Lessons 1-5) that focuses on creating a caring and safe community; and,
  • Lessons 6-12 which focuses on positive human qualities.

The deliverables for the project in April to Aug 2020:

  • Adapt resource to include Saskatchewan specific context and content, alignment with Saskatchewan curriculum to focus on the mental well-being of youth;
  • Recruit and reach out, with professional learning and support, to build the capacity of Saskatchewan educators in provincially funded schools and First Nations education authorities;
  • Develop youth programming specific to Saskatchewan demographics and need; and,<
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