New Platform for vendor management and engagement. -- SupplierLink

SaskBuilds and Procurement is proud to support a new, industry developed, supplier sourcing platform - SupplierLink Saskatchewan. SaskBuilds and Procurement endorses the SupplierLink system for early contractor engagement and will use it on select projects.

The platform was developed by the Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw Construction Associations with their technology partner, EHS Analytics.

SupplierLink Saskatchewan enables you to showcase and market your business as well as improve your engagement with owners and general contractors in the province.

Suppliers can set up profiles to be identified for jobs and projects by hiring firms. Additionally, you can:

  • Connect your profile with multiple hiring firms.
  • Find partners to build teams for projects.
  • Outline scopes of work and specific expertise.
  • Identify the geographical locations your company works in.
  • Showcase projects.

The system will also help businesses document and store qualifications for work:

  • Fill out your information once rather than regularly supplying duplicates to multiple hiring firms.
  • Update your profile occasionally or just as needed.
  • Reduce the requests you receive for documentation.

As a Government of Saskatchewan vendor, you qualify for a 50% discount off your first year.

Click here to get your discount

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New Platform for vendor management and engagement.
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