RFP for Sportex Upgrades Feasibility Study -- CREIGH-RFP-01

This Request for Proposals ("RFP") is an invitation by the Northern Town of Creighton (“Creighton”), the issuer for the RFP, to interested proponents to submit proposals for the provision of a Sportex Upgrades Feasibility Study. 

The Sportex has been the single largest facility in the Town of Creighton, with approximately 42,000 square feet, which allows for hosting of team sport events, such as hockey and curling, and different community gathering events and activities. To date, uses for the Sportex have dwindled with minimal activities occurring in the Sportex. In this regard, Creighton is seeking for practical approaches to increase or enrich the use of Sportex, while charting the basis for planned infrastructural upgrades and/or expansion, where relevant.

Interested proponents are invited to download, review and adhere to the guideline in the attached RFP document.

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RFP for Sportex Upgrades Feasibility Study
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RFP for Sportex Upgrades Feasibility Study
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